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Best Feature:100 year old mahogany shotgun bar that was brough in from Chicago
Age Range:25-60
Last Call:1:45am
Theme:American Dining Saloon

J. Paul’s A Dining Saloon, is Washington’s quintessential turn of the century American Dining Saloon. The original, located in the heart of Georgetown, sits in a historical building over 100 years old and has now been one of D.C.’s most popular watering holes for the last 25 years.

The J. Paul’s bar in Georgetown boasts a 100 year old mahogany shotgun bar built by the Brunswick Balke Coolander Company. Previously housed in a grand saloon in the Chicago stockyards, many will swear over their scotch that Al Capone himself bellied up to that very bar. Antique brass elevator doors from New York’s Waldorf Astoria frame the back dining room and add to the turn-of-the century charm.

Located a few short blocks from the Potomac River, the original J. Paul’s has become an institution to those from every generation and all walks of life. Every day, politicians, journalists, artists, business people and Washington personalities share tables with students, tourists and ex-Pats in the nation’s capital.

There are many places to dine in the Washington area. There are only a few, however, that combine excellent food, personal service, and a stimulating atmosphere in an historic setting. J. Paul’s is one of them.

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